"What I love most about Rhonda’s work is her use of color, light and texture to evoke a mood or a sense of place and time.  The Giving Tree is no exception.  The rich, deep tones at the base of the work, which are suggestive of the tree’s roots, open up to a glimmering golden light as the tree spreads her branches.  To me, this piece is a reminder of our need for a firm foundation, be that family, career or self, before we can give to others.  As the leaves disappear off the canvas, I know that with the right foundation, the impact we can have on others and our community is limitless.”


“Rhonda Felton is a talented West Virginia artist who creates abstract worlds that stimulate the imagination. I first saw paintings by Rhonda at an art show and could feel the emotion and energy painted onto the canvas.  Her colors are vibrant with hints of gold.  I purchased one of her pieces for my lake house. I loved it so much and received so many compliments, that I purchased additional art work from her for my office.” 

MARY BETH HUGHES of Hughes Design and Gift Gallery:

“I love how the light reflects and draws you in to the painting…and once you’re up close, the texture pulls you around from one place to another and back to that bright spot. And the color is heavenly.”


“This piece, while small, is so bold and the colors are just gorgeous.  I love how she used texture to create both interest and depth, and the addition of metallic paint adds sophistication and light. It has found a perfect home in ours.”



“Rhonda was amazing to work with! She took the time to understand the art that we were looking for including color and content and created a piece that met our every expectation. It made our renovation project so special having a one of a kind work of art created by Rhonda"

Interested in Rhonda's unique art pieces? Let Rhonda know and she'll reach out!

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